5 Quick and Easy Tips To Get The Twiggy Look Effortlessly

5 Quick and Easy Tips To Get The Twiggy Look Effortlessly

This morning, you woke up and maybe, at some point looked at your makeup bag. You surprised yourself; so long it has been since you even glanced its way. The pandemic has indeed busted through our doorways and never really left, unlike our will to get up and do our makeup every morning.

Long gone are the days when we would wake up at 6.30 in the morning to do our makeup before rushing to the office because we messed up our eyeliner three times. But we quickly adjusted, didn’t we? We started wearing neutral shades to our Zoom calls, and our eye makeup started stealing the show because our masks would be stained if we used lipstick. Actually, we pretty soon stopped doing our lips altogether. Ring a bell?

But it’s 2021 now.

It’s high time we helped you spice up your now-boring makeup routine. The 1960s is such an inspiring period in makeup, because of its strength, freedom, and the accent put on the eyes - perfect to keep safe while still looking banging in 2021.

Here are 5 quick and easy tips to up your makeup game the Twiggy way effortlessly, so you can sleep longer in the morning before attending your Zoom call - or simply start the day feeling fresh and pampered.

1. Pales and Pastels Eyeshadows Rule

How long has it been, really, since you used an easy white eyeshadow to open up your eyes? Back in the 1960s, white eyeshadow was all the rage for an easy daytime look, complemented by a very dark crease. If you’re more of a colorful kind of girl, gorge yourself on greens and blues - the go-to shades for evening wear at the time.

How to do it?

Apply an even layer of your selected eyeshadow up until the crease for a daytime look, and blend it up to the eyebrows for evening wear. One color of eyeshadow is enough, although the highlighting technique of the under brow was already very fashionable in the 1960s.

If you want to mix things up, choose different colors for the eyelid and the lower lashline. All you need to do is try out various shades. For pigmented pastels, the Flower Bomb Eyeshadow Palette will give you more than enough possibilities to play around and find out your favorite look.

2. Darken That Crease

The dark crease is an essential of the 1960s look, and can very easily be translated in today’s makeup looks as we’ve seen a resurgence of the trend over the last few years. 

Whether you are already precise in your lines or more of a novice, make sure you start with just a little bit of product so you can build up later if necessary. The rounded shape allows for more freedom, as it doesn’t need to be perfect. However, it does need to be symmetrical; follow your eye shape to trace lines more easily.

How to do it?

Trace a light line over the crease of your eyes with a dark eyeliner pencil and blend it out slightly with a small brush so you don’t get product all over your eyelid. 

If you want a softer look to go out, trace the line with a lighter eyeshadow, like the ones you can find in the Smokey Glow Eyeshadow Palette.

3. Fine lines are everything: the easy eyeliner trend

The 60’s saw eyeliner become even more prominent than it was in the daily looks of the 1950s - pinup red lips + black eyeliner combo, anyone? Eyeliner became very thin and outlined both the upper and lower eyelids. The goal of those lines is to accompany subtly the heavy, blended crease. 

How to do it?

Although the 60’s Twiggy look results in very strong eye makeup, you want to avoid looking too heavy and too much. Start by tracing very thin dark lines with our P.H.A.T. Eyelash Adhesive Pen, following the upper and lower lashlines strictly.

If you feel like modernizing the look with brighter shades, try the Neon Cocktail Hour Cake Liner Palette that will give you plenty of possibilities to play around.

4. Mascara: Make it heavy

Almost all of us use mascara on a daily basis, but 1960s ladies applied it heavily on both lower and upper lashes to further open up the eyes. False eyelashes were often used too, on top of already drawn-on à la Twiggy lashes under the eyes.

How to do it?

Coat both the upper and lower eyelashes with a heavy layer of mascara. Add some false eyelashes like the wispy Mariah Esta Co. x Glambyangelic and lightly draw additional falsies under the lower lashline, straight on the skin.

5. Nude lips: Your Go-To

Lips were worn very nude; in light pink or brown hues during the 1960s. Now that our masks are an essential of our makeup routine, a simple glossy lip seems more than enough in our weekly shopping trip, although we know that most of us will probably go out with nothing but lip balm coating our lips.

How to do it?

Simply outline and fill in your lips with a “my lips but better” color, nudish pink or brown. If you’re not a fan of lipstick or feel like adding more, use our Classic Icing Lip Gloss to attract the light and give you a livelier look. 

Did you get all that?

Although we more rarely wear makeup lately, our routine does not have to become - or remain - boring. Remembering that color is fun works wonders on our self-confidence, and the 1960’s Twiggy look is a perfect makeup style to recreate on a day to day basis. It is modulable in more ways than one and suits our modern mask-wearing obligations perfectly.  

All you have to do is find out whether you want to go soft for work and grocery shopping, or bolder for your fun and self-confidence building moments. Play with colors and shapes, morph the lower lashes into dots as we’ve seen on the runways these past years, or apply a bolder lip color. It’s all a matter of creativity, of trying out new effortless styles, and finding what suits you the best - for your happiness!


- Blog by Ibtissam El Azami
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