Artist of The Month May: @BFTPOSTS

Artist of The Month May: @BFTPOSTS


My name is Brianna also known as Bftposts and I am a makeup enthusiast from Toronto. I started this makeup journey as an escape from stress and it turned out to be much more impactful. This journey has opened up a lot of opportunities and friendships I would have never thought of having in the beginning. Its an amazing feeling knowing there are people who support your work and would like to see more of it.


I really hope that my presence in the beauty community is known. It would be such a great honor to know that I’ve inspired people to be their greatest self artistically speaking. It’s overwhelming at times because career I’m pursuing is in the medical field. I’m often at a struggle trying to prioritize the two. I have to constantly remind myself that my passion lies with both, and if I truly love it, I’ll never give up on the idea of having it. I want aspiring MUAS/MUEs to take the initiative to be something or someone great. There’s always space for them in this community and if they don’t see one, MAKE ONE!


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