Artist of the Month November: NeonMUA

Artist of the Month November: NeonMUA


Artist of the Month November: NeonMUA


NeonMUA, Darius, is a make-up artist and influencer based out of North Carolina. He is an advocate for inclusion and diversity in the beauty community. Darius has worked with many brands behind the scenes. He has provided them valuable feedback that has helped said brands improve. They've taken Darius's feedback and have embraced inclusion and diversity. Darius is an extremely talented artist, who's looks range from creative to everyday wearable looks. He has created many series on his Instagram. His most popular one being, The Zodiac Series, where Darius created a look for every Zodiac sign during their month. 

When asked what his mission statement was, Darius replied the following: 

"My mission is to make seeing faces like me in Beauty the norm. We’ve started to see a shift in the way brands are becoming more inclusive, but there is way too much work that still needs to be done. Brands still think it’s a joke to make shitty shade ranges for foundations and concealers, and they still don’t understand the importance of other products like contours, bronzers and face powders for us. On the other side of that, some consumers still have not grasped the fact that men in beauty is very real and has been real for as long as makeup has been around. As a black gay man, it’s still a struggle to find someone like me flourish in this industry, so no matter how long it takes or loud I have to be; I’m gonna work and fight to change that."


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