The lovers’ day is quickly creeping up on us, with a plethora of roses and candles in its romantic wake. Although many of us agree that love should not be reserved for just one day during the year, Valentine’s Day still makes for a lovely occasion to show your loved ones that you care for them.

At Midas, we love love, and we love art, and we thought it would be a great idea to bring makeup inspirations your way, in case you haven’t yet chosen what you’re going to do. We have imagined two makeup looks that you can wear whether you spend Valentine’s Day with your lover or decide to spend the night in with your friends. Either way, it could end up in Netflix… and a lot of chill.

Read on to discover the two looks that Midas Cosmetics has selected to challenge your brushes, and follow our easy step-by-steps to turn yourself into a stunner for Valentine’s Day!

Night Out With Bae: Vibrant & Sexy Smoky

We’ve selected the perfect smoky makeup look for all the ladies who feel like a nice and easy look to rock at dinner with bae. Just follow our steps to turn your lowkey diva into a Valentine’s Day queen!
Step 1: Apply your usual eyeshadow primer or concealer over the entire eyelid and blend well.

Step 2: Apply the shade Peony from the stunning Flower Bomb eyeshadow palette lightly, blending it into a tapered shape that extends far beyond the outer corner of the eyes.

Step 3: Repeat and build up the color, this time using the shade Dahlia from the Flower Bomb palette, blending well to mix the two shades. 

Tip: Leave the edge of the eyeshadow untouched, so the shade Peony is still visible - this will add dimension to the eye makeup.

Step 4: Apply the Classic Icing Gloss to the eyelid very lightly to ensure that the eyeshadow beneath doesn’t smudge.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied, apply mascara in a thick layer on the upper and lower lashes.

Step 6: Do your face makeup, as usual, powdering slightly so that your skin still looks glowy.

Tip: You can use the shades Peony and Dahlia for a blush that matches your eye look. You only need a little bit of product as they are very pigmented.

Step 7: We chose to keep the lips very neutral for this look, creating a brown ombré lips look that we started with a brown lip liner, topped by our stunning Almond Icing Gloss for maximum shine.

If you feel like brighter lips for your date, our Gloss-o-Lantern x Itsmekristenb collab offers all a sexy and bold burnt orange color to make your night unforgettable!

Night In With The Crib: Graphic Art All The Way

We have to admit that a night out with bae never calls for quite the same amount of makeup creativity as a night in with the gals. That is why we’ve chosen a purely artistic, graphic makeup that you can adapt to your eyes and skills - no pressure!
Step 1: Do your face makeup, as usual, leaving your skin slightly glowy. Use a blush color that matches the lipstick you are planning to use: we chose a warm brown tone as a contrast to the teal color on the eyes.

Step 2: Start the eye makeup by applying your usual eyeshadow primer or concealer on your eyelids, and set it with a neutral eyeshadow color that matches your skin.

Step 3: Draw your eyebrows using our Crown Brow pencil for a natural or bolder eyebrow shape at will.

Step 4: Using the ultra-thin Precise Eyeliner Brush, wet and apply the stunning blue cake eyeliner from our Metallic Cake Liner Quad, creating shapes that suit your style and eye shape for best results.

Tip: You can change the whole feel of the look by applying any of the cake liner colors in your palette!

Step 5: If you feel even more audacious, top the graphic eyeliner that you have created with glitter or a loose pigment to match the liner’s color.

Tip: if you choose to use glitter, do your face makeup after, as we advise that you use tape to get the glitter fallout off your face efficiently!

Step 6: Create a slight ombré lips look using the lip liner of your choice - we have used a rich brown color, topped with our precious Classic Icing Lipgloss to give extra shine and dimension to the lips.

And there you have it! One night, two easy makeup looks to celebrate love, care, and makeup passion - of course! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram if you choose to recreate one of those two quick and easy Valentine’s Day looks: we would love to see your final creations!

-by Ibtissam El Azami

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